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Work faster, more efficiently, saving time, money & improving quality!

By using the appliqué technique, you can increase your production by up to 10 fold
The Theakston sample is 29,000 stitches. This would take approx. 45 minutes to run, taking a production run of 200 garments on an 8 head machine to approx. 19 hours.

By using the appliqué badge method, it contains only 2,400 stitches, taking approx. 4 minutes per run, saving you approx. 17 hours of production time.

Download your test application files here:

If you would like to trial, please give us a call on 0800 781 8303 for your free badge sample pack

No more worries of colours to put up for small repeat orders of ones or twos with large stitch counts, simply apply a quick badge in a matter of minutes.

Not only does this result in a much higher quality embroidery due to the badge being embroidered onto cotton twill, with leading industry finest threads, it saves both precious time and money.
Suitable for application to almost any garment, offering a superior look and finish, even on cheap, lightweight t-shirts, and a great alternative to covering up spoiled garments wrongly logo’d.

150 of the Theakston badges would only cost £1.17p each + VAT, with a low minimum order of just 50pcs.





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